Justo Mwale University
in Lusaka, Zambia

About Our Partner

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One of the most frequent requests that we receive from our African partners is, “Help train our leaders!” Justo Mwale University, located in Lusaka, Zambia, is an institution of higher learning started and operated by Presbyterian and Reformed churches that provides quality, contextual and holistic theological education from a biblical, Reformed and Presbyterian perspective. This education for Christian men and women enables them to carry out God's redemptive mission in the Church and society in Africa and beyond. The students who receive scholarship assistance are studying in the BTh program, the basic four-year program in preparation for ordination, and they are selected by their sending denominations. We hope to raise funds to support at least three new students this year. You are welcome to commit for a portion of a scholarship.

The Impact

Rev. Feston Chilumpha, who was excited to go back to Malawi after living away from his family for three years, said, “It was a dream come true to fulfill the degree in theology, but I would love to continue studies if possible.” The African church continues to grow and your scholarship gift can allow servants such as Feston to be prepared to lead the church.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,500 per student per year for scholarships at Justo Mwale University.