Gujranwala Theological Seminary
in Pakistan

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan (PCP)

A vibrant new president took over the seminary in 2015. The Rev. Noshseen Khan is not only the first woman to lead the seminary, but she is also the first woman to be ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. She has inherited a strategic institution that comes with a hefty challenge: a 20-acre campus whose buildings, technology, and grounds are not only badly in need of updates and repairs, but government-mandated security precautions (like high walls, cameras and guards) strain a budget that cannot be met by just the meager tuition paid by the 79 students or the small village congregations that largely make up the PCP.

The Impact

Established in 1877, the Gujranwala Theological Seminary prepares brave young men and women for ministry in some of the 300 (mostly village) congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Pakistan – a country which ranks #6 on the Persecuted Church Watch List.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $20,000 to assist GTS with training new leaders for Christ’s Church in a strategic mission field.