Gujranwala Theological Seminary
in Pakistan

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan (PCP)

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The Rev. Nosheen Khan (on the left) was the first woman to be ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Now, both men and women are preparing for ministry through their studies at Gujranwala Theological Seminary. About 25% of the school’s 80 students are women. Khan, who now serves as president of the school, has inherited a strategic institution that comes with a hefty challenge: a 20-acre campus whose buildings, technology, and grounds are badly in need of updates and repairs.

The seminary plays a vital role in preparing leaders for the church but struggles to fund its budget. This year Outreach helped the school to rehabilitate some student housing, the men’s hostel and housing for some married couples. Housing for faculty is also needed. This would allow the seminary to add the faculty that they need to provide the comprehensive academic curriculum they desire to offer to the students. The cost per student is $1,000 which includes housing, stipend, and tuition. Scholarship gifts are welcome.

The Impact

Established in 1877, Gujranwala Theological Seminary prepares young men and women for ministry in the 300 largely rural congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Pakistan – a country that the World Watch List identifies as the fourth hardest country in which to live as a Christian.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $20,000 to support seminary operations as they train new leaders in a strategic mission field.