Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell




About Our Partners

The United Presbyterian Church of Brazil

First appointed to mission service with the PC(USA) in 1990, the Gartrells have served in five different regions of Brazil. Originally invited by the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil, Gordon and Dorothy are now serving at the invitation of the United Presbyterian Church of Brazil and have been assigned to a congregation in Mangabeira in the state of Bahia. The United Presbyterian Church has asked the PC(USA) to help expand their witness, and the Gartrells are part of the American church’s response. The Gartrells are a natural fit in Brazil. Gordon grew up in Brazil where his parents served as Presbyterian missionaries for 31 years. He understands the people and culture and has a passion to see Brazilians follow Christ as his disciples and extend the body of Christ in their communities. Dorothy was not born in Brazil but went there after college and served for two years as a volunteer teacher for missionary children. The Gartrells have been a ministry team in both the U.S. and Brazil since their marriage. They are the parents of three adult children: John, Elizabeth, and Daniel.    

The Impact

Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell have an evangelistic heart for rural churches in Brazil, and it shows. They were involved in church planting in earlier years of their missionary service. Now they are engaged in a revitalization effort in a rural church in Northeast Brazil. In just a short time in their new field in Northeastern Brazil they have been welcomed and accepted by the community, and the church is growing in numbers and spirit.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $25,000 for support funds.