Forman Christian College
in Lahore, Pakistan

About Our Partner

Forman Christian College

Forman Christian College was founded in 1864 in Lahore, Pakistan by Presbyterian missionary Dr. Charles Forman. As a liberal arts institution where students of all backgrounds – men and women, Christian and Muslim – interact and learn together, Forman is successfully demonstrating a model of interfaith harmony to a nation and culture deeply divided along lines of religion, class and gender. The college, with over 6,000 students, consists of two distinct schools: the college, or intermediate, program which is equivalent to the last two years of high school in the U.S.; and the co-educational university, which is modeled on the U.S. four-year liberal arts college and includes a BA, Master’s degree and PhD programs.


The Impact

In this Muslim country, FCC provides an environment for mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims. With over 10% of the student population being Christian and with 36% percent of that population, women, FCC has become a champion for those often denied access to higher education. In addition, a vital Christian Life Ministry nurtures Christian students who live in a country where their faith is likely to make them a target of discrimination and even attack.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $27,000 to support a chaplaincy ministry at Forman as well as scholarships for students who come from poor families.