Equipping FJKM Pastors for Ministry
in Madagascar

About Our Partner

Fiangonan'i Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara (FJKM)

Fiangonan’i Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara (FJKM) is our partner in Madagascar. FJKM, committed to evangelism and church growth, is the largest protestant denomination in Madagascar with over 5,000 congregations and only 1,200 pastors. Major priorities of the FJKM include improving the quantity and quality of pastors graduating from its seminaries and assisting with evangelism in remote parts of Madagascar. Currently, FJKM pastors serve an average of over four churches. It is not uncommon for pastors in rural areas to serve ten or more churches. Madagascar has one of the highest rates of extreme poverty in the world and so evangelists and pastors experience poverty daily. HIV infection rate remains low but the role of pastors in prevention is critical as they are often among the most influential people in their communities. There is great need to reduce poverty and malnutrition, increase the number of pastors and prevent the spread of AIDS in Madagascar.

The Impact

Increasing the number of pastors will help provide needed leadership for church growth. Continual education and opportunities for renewal for evangelists assists the spread of the gospel in remote areas. Training in growing vegetables and fruits helps FJKM pastors improve food security for their members with new agricultural techniques in their communities.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $20,000 annually for pastors and evangelist training, fruit, vegetables, and environmental education (FVEE) and HIV/AIDS prevention.