Developing South-South Mission Partnerships

About Our Partner

The Outreach Foundation has over thirty global partners. Many of them have a vision for mission beyond their borders, but they need connections which The Outreach Foundation can supply. Since 2007 we have introduced the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil to partners in Egypt, Mozambique, Ghana and India. We have also assisted the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt to send missionaries to Gaza and Iraq, and this year two Egyptian Presbyterians participated in the Outreach trip to South Sudan as they look to develop a long-term partnership there. We have also partnered with Tumekutana, an encouraging and empowering conference for Presbyterian and Reformed women leaders in Africa.

The Impact

Through this program The Outreach Foundation will enable global partners to connect with each other in short-term missions, develop long-term relationships, and engage in kingdom work together. 

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 to support our partners' initiatives.