Davydovo Outreach to Children
in Russia

About Our Partner

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Russian Orthodox Community in Davydovo

Although the village of Davydovo, 200 km north of Moscow, is comprised of about 85 people, its population swells each summer with the addition of families with special-needs children who come for two three-week camp sessions. The visionary behind this ministry is Father Vladimir Klimzo. This unique ministry provides a remarkable community of caring for families and children who often feel cut-off from any deep experience of community in their normal day-to-day lives. The summer camping program provides support and creative activities for children and family members. They share in the rhythm of the community’s worship, share in the work of the community, eat together and participate in a wide-range of therapeutic programs. The second phase of the ministry is an opportunity for families to explore what it is like to live in community for the long-term, discerning whether or not a permanent move to Davydovo might enrich their lives and help to provide a future for their children.

The Impact

As a result of this ministry families with children with special needs experience a community of faith that welcomes and cares for their children, providing a sense of belonging, support and hope for the future.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,000 for support of summer camps for special needs children.