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Continuing Education for Chinese Church Leaders
in China

About Our Partner

As part of our commitment to build the capacity of our global partners, The Outreach Foundation has responded to the requests of The Church in China for continuing education for their leaders. Our response has taken many forms. Since 2004 we have hosted groups of Chinese visiting U.S. churches; taken groups of American Christians to China for week-long encounters with Chinese Christians; partially supported two Chinese pastors in Masters programs in the U.S.; and brought visiting scholars to China to teach modules at Chinese seminaries as well as lead retreats for pastors. A recent trip to China reinforced the desire of Chinese for more U.S. Christians to go and teach short-term courses at both the seminary level and in lay training centers. Chinese Christians also seek more opportunities to visit the Church in the U.S. and enlarge their understanding of ministry and mission.

The Impact

This project has enabled groups of American Christians to get to know individual Chinese Christians one-on-one, deepening their understanding of the Church in China. Chinese leaders testify that they have developed new and broadened perspectives for their ministry through the continuing education experiences outside of China provided by this project.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,000 to support continuing education opportunities for Chinese Church leaders.