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Caring for Vulnerable Children
in Kamwenge, Uganda

About Our Partner

Partners in Mission in Uganda

Kamwenge Primary, Secondary and Vocational School is a community school in the heart of Kamwenge, Uganda. Through education, this poor community has a vision to transform itself into a self-sustained, responsible one with a high sense of integrity and accountability in a transforming Christian environment. The school is now home to over 800 students. Some secondary students come from the neighboring countries of Tanzania, South Sudan, and Congo and are residents of the newly-built dormitories. The school completed a dining hall which has also been used for exams, giving the school a competitive site for government examinations. A new building for STEM was recently completed. It is a joy for Kamwenge parents each time they gather at the school to witness and to celebrate a graduation.

The Impact

Rev. John Mulindabigwi, the school principal, writes, “The transformation of the Kamwenge community that we looked forward to is now an unfolding reality made possible by the efforts of partners like you. This education is truly precious.” Over the past ten years, the growth of this school has been remarkable, expanding from one classroom to 15 and 30 students to 800!

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 for Kamwenge children’s educational needs including food and school supplies.