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Northern Outreach and New Church Development
in Northern Ghana

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Outreach Foundation has had a long history of supporting church building and evangelistic outreach in Ghana. Our commitment to northern Ghana extends this partnership geographically. We work with the Northern and Upper Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Tamale Lay Training Institute that serves both presbyteries. We have been invited to join these Presbyteries and the Tamale Institute in support of evangelism and church planting, church construction, training for evangelists in Bible and vocational skills, and motorcycles for their mobility on the field. By being engaged in acts of service such as advocacy for the most marginalized members of society, water purification, youth education, health promotion, and agricultural stations, Presbyterians in Northern Ghana are giving a very compelling witness to the love of Christ and experiencing significant growth in membership.

The Impact

These funds will train evangelists who plant churches. Funds will also help in the construction of sanctuaries for those new churches and for other churches as well. The northern part of Ghana is less Christian then the south, so investment here is a key evangelistic frontier in Ghana.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation seeks $100,000 in support of low-cost church construction ($80,000), scholarships for evangelist training ($10,000), and motorbikes for the evangelists to reach their congregations or start new churches ($10,000).