Bethlehem Bible College
in Bethlehem, Palestine

About Our Partner

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In 1979 Bishara Awad had recently returned to his native Palestine after studying in the U.S. As principal of Hope Christian School in Beit Jala, Bishara saw many of his students travel abroad to continue their theological education – and many never returned. Life in Palestine was difficult. The Christian population was shrinking. Would this ancient Christian community in the Holy Land disappear altogether? A dream began to grow in his heart: an evangelical, inter-denominational Bible College in Palestine where students could study and serve in their native land. The local community is highly impacted by today’s political unrest and conflict. Before 1948, Christians made up roughly 8% of the community in the Holy Land. Today it is less than 1.5%, as many Christians are emigrating to find better opportunities for education, work, and their families abroad. Bethlehem Bible College aims to strengthen and revive the Christian church and support Christians in the Holy Land to combat this growing exodus. With a team of highly qualified local faculty and staff, BBC prepares educated Christian Palestinian leaders to serve their local communities. As President Emeritus Bishara Awad would say, “the Church is now awake” in Palestine. BBC serves a vital role in ministering to many needs in the face of numerous political and social pressures.

The Impact

Bethlehem Bible College is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. A host of ministries have grown out of BBC. The Shepherd Society, women’s ministry, media outreach, a public library, ESL classes, and children’s summer camps are examples of the ways BBC is engaged in local community outreach. Christ at the Checkpoint Conferences are held every two years to engage the wider international Evangelical community in robust and thoughtful biblical discussion relating to the issues surrounding Palestine and Israel.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $2,000 per month to support the mission and ministry of Bethlehem Bible College.