Bethlehem Bible College
in Bethlehem, Palestine

About Our Partner


The local community, which Bethlehem Bible College serves, is highly impacted by today’s political unrest and conflict. Before 1948, the Christian community was roughly 8% of the community in the Holy Land. Today, the Christian population is less than 1.5% of the Palestinian community, as many Christians are emigrating from the difficult political situation to find better opportunities for education, work, and their families abroad. Bethlehem Bible College was founded in 1979 by Arab Christians from that area to offer high-quality theological education and train Christian leaders for service in the church and community. It aims to strengthen and revive the Christian church and support Christians in the Holy Land in order to combat this growing Christian exodus.

The Impact

The Biblical Studies programs, including a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Education and an MA in Christian Ministry, are the heart and soul of Bethlehem Bible College. The BBC Tour Guide Program serves the Palestinian and international communities by offering a unique Bible-centered curriculum taught in English to provide professional training, education, and practical preparation to tour guides for the Holy Land.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $2,000 per month to support the mission and ministry of Bethlehem Bible College.