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Berea Presbyterian Seminary
in Chiapas, Mexico

About Our Partner

Ch’ol Synod of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico

The Berea Presbyterian Theological Seminary is an institution of the Ch’ol Synod of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. It began in 1958 as a Bible School for the Ch’ol ethnic group. The Ch’ol language is one of many native languages used in the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. Ch’ol people live in a very mountainous region north of Chiapas and are primarily dependent on corn, coffee and temporary migrant work in various cities. The Bible School was upgraded to a seminary (pastoral preparation) in June 2014 to train pastors for their own churches because many of those that were sent away to other cities for training did not return. TAP and Outreach missionary Don Wehmeyer teaches some courses at Berea Presbyterian Seminary..  

The Impact

The Seminary started for Ch’ol speaking people because the church realized that many students sent away to school never returned as they were immediately offered pastoral positions in the cities where they were studying. Berea Presbyterian Seminary offers a bachelor’s degree in either Theology or Music. The seminary will help the church retain the trained pastors in Berea for the Ch’ol speaking church.   

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,000 for repairs needed for the seminary and some scholarships.