Baryé Fè High School
in Haiti

About Our Partner

Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) and and MICECC

Since before the 2010 earthquake, The Outreach Foundation has worked with Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) and the Mission Communautaire de l’Eglise Chretienne des Cites (MICECC), founded by Rev. Leon Dorleans and his wife Jacky. In this poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, ministry is carried out in three communities of need – at Cite Soleil, Terre Noire and Repatriote. Each of the three sites is anchored by a church whose congregants worship and fellowship regularly under the leadership of pastors Profaite, Luc and Jean Charles. Each church campus supports a school, medical care and a clean water program to help meet the needs of the people in the community. The Baryè Fé site in Terre Noire includes the secondary school. Classrooms opened for grades 7-8 in 2016. The school will be built out to include grades 7-13 with future plans for a vocational school and a Bible college. While we are happy to receive gifts for all of the HOM ministries, we have been asked to prioritize funding for the new high school. HOM is a partner that makes very good use of mission teams, and they would welcome a team from your congregation. Feel free to contact us at Outreach if you have questions about sending a team   

The Impact

As they share the Gospel with the people of Haiti through evangelism, education and medical care, our partners serve 3,200 believers in worship each week, 1,540 students in school each week, and over 30,000 clinic patients seen each year.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $50,000 for ongoing work on the high school.