Building a cistern in Mexico

Finding clean water isn’t just an issue in Africa. It’s a worldwide crisis. It was a problem in the Campeche state of Mexico when Todd Luke, an Outreach-related missionary, arrived. Since 2002, Todd’s ministry has helped nearly 450 families build cisterns to store rainwater captured from their roofs. This simple solution provides families with 12,000 gallons of water per year, saving them from walking long distances to draw often contaminated water for their use.

Todd’s ministry has touched many families, but this story isn’t just about Todd. Consider Victor and Micaela Guzman and their four children. They were one of the first families to receive a cistern. Victor helped other members of the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Castilla Brito build dozens of cisterns for one another. Since then, Victor has been an indispensable part of the ministry. He works with families to teach them about the cistern process and what is involved. Victor also works with the crews, both American volunteers and Mexican nationals, to coordinate the construction. In fact, now he supervises the entire project in which the recipient families themselves invest in others’ cisterns.

Victor leads by example. He told Todd that he knows God called him to build cisterns and lead this important movement and that he does his work in gratitude to God who changed his life.

The Outreach Foundation brings together people like Todd and Victor, helping communities of need to become communities of caring, all over the world. As we reach out to our donors and friends in this annual appeal, we invite you to make a gift to Outreach so that we can continue our work with people like Todd and Victor. In doing so, you will be touching the lives of people who need to know God’s love.


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