An Unimaginable Life for South Sudanese Refugees

South Sudanese refugees face a nearly unimaginable situation, yet few of us know what is really happening there. Outreach staff recently had the opportunity to visit and talk to refugees in the camps in Gambela, Ethiopia.


John’s story, like so many others, broke our hearts. He sat under a tree relating how he and his family fled their small village fearing for their lives. They left quickly with just a few belongings wrapped in a sheet, with some food and water. They walked for three days toward Ethiopia, hoping to make it safely to the refugee camp. On the second day, they ran out of food and water and were forced to drink water from a dirty river. They finally arrived at the camp, ushered in with 80,000 other refugees. As hard as it is to be in the camps, they provide life and relief from the conflict and famine.

Outreach is working with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus to serve the beleaguered refugees. Our partners have distributed relief supplies such as blankets and mosquito nets. They have started schools for thousands of children and provided school supplies. Now, Outreach is taking part in training trauma healing facilitators who will care for adults and children as they seek to heal from the deep wounds they incurred. Healing doesn’t come quickly, but with God, all things are possible.

When God calls us to serve people like John, helping heal them physically and spiritually, we are richly blessed. Once a year we reach out to ask our donors and friends to help us continue this work. We invite you to make a gift to Outreach to continue our work with our global partners. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people who need to know God’s love. 

Grace and peace in the Lord,

Rob Weingartner, Executive Director


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