2016 Christmas Projects List

Use this shopping list which includes specific mission needs around the world to make a gift in the name of the One whose birth we celebrate. The Outreach Foundation will send you a Christmas card acknowledgement that you may send to the person you would like to honor. 

School Supplies for Refugee Children

In areas of unrest school is often a luxury, but education remains a primary path to a better life. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan is educating children in temporary schools in refugee camps, and the National Evangelical (Presbyterian) Synod of Syria and Lebanon has created schools for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Please consider helping equip these war-weary children with much-needed school supplies.

Goats for Rwanda

With over 95% of Rwandans living in rural areas, raising goats can be a "fast track" out of poverty. The goats produce milk which is sold for drinking or for making cheese and yogurt. This project provides families with two goats. As "payment," families will team up with others from their church to breed the goats. The resulting kids will then be given to other church families. Goats, which cost $40 each, are a gift that keeps on giving!

Supplemental Support for Seminary Students and their Families

The Outreach Foundation partners with seminaries all over the world – including Justo Mwale in Zambia, SET in Matanzas, Cuba, Gujranwala in Pakistan and Jiangsu in China – to provide theological training for pastors. When students and their families are faced with unexpected medical, travel and living expenses, that important training is jeopardized. Your gift can help us respond to students’ emergencies, enabling their preparation for ministry to continue.


You may also call to give a gift over the phone: 615-778-8881.