University Student Ministry

A university degree can help you get a job, but it doesn't prepare you for life in the real world. University Student Ministry of the Mekane Yesus Church (EECMY) is committed to helping students follow Jesus Christ to spiritual maturity, so that they can be Spirit-filled servants of Christ in their world, their work, their church, and their families... for a lifetime. USM prepares students to make a difference in the real world.

University Student Ministry seeks to: 

  • empower EECMY congregations to establish a ministry to each of the over 35 university and college campuses
  • provide training conferences for local leaders, both from the congregation and from the students
  • provide relevant written materials and literature for local leaders and students
  • establish and encourage the Mekane Yesus Members Graduate Fellowship (an alumni organization)

The USM strategy, based on how Jesus prepared the disciples, is to gather students in small discipleship groups for training and growth as they share life together. The groups reach out in service to others, share the good news of the Gospel with friends, and join together in seminars and conferences that sharpen their vision for Kingdom living. Many of the USM graduates are actively developing new fellowships and planting new congregations.

"I am glad that Jesus came to my life through a testimony of fellow campus students." Endeshaw Belay (Muslim background student at Hawassa University) 

Minimum Goal for 2016

 $15,000 for training events, seminar support, and coordinators' travel