Sureste Presbyterian Theological Seminary

The Presbyterian Church is growing very rapidly in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, where the population is predominantly Protestant. With many more churches than pastors, the need for leadership development is critical. 

The Seminario Teologico Presbiteriano del Sureste is an institution of the Synod of the Gulf of Mexico that seeks to contribute to the life and mission of the church of Christ in the southeastern part of Mexico. As a theological institution it is first directed to the formation of those who have been called to the ministry of the Word and of sacred music, impressing on them a strong pastoral sense and a deep sense of communion with the Lord of the harvest and the faithfulness to his word. Also, for the synod it seeks to train church members who serve the Lord in any of the established ministries of the Presbyterian Church. The seminary also aims to encourage theological scholarship so that it demonstrates the theological beliefs of the Presbyterian Church.

Things have been busy at the seminary. Some of the 2015 graduates are shown here. Construction was started and completed on the women’s dormitory. The Master’s Program continues to grow under Dr. Huascar de la Cruz’s leadership. They had a special celebration of the Master’s Program at the seminary last year, and students and professors came from all over Mexico. The seminary continues to serve the church and community in the state of Tabasco. From weddings, special conferences, churches, other denominations use of the facility, to youth programs and camps, and the continued use of the seminary during the summer for various music camps, the seminary is a central location which has the facilities to handle large activities. Dr. Cruz has worked diligently this year in developing curriculum, an advancement plan and a new mission statement. New staff has been installed. Pastor Jose Juan Hernandez Garcia started his four year term as the Rector. Pastor Juan Marcos Leon Sanchez is the Dean of Students, and Andres Manuel Lopez is the Administrator.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$25,000 for seminary general support and scholarships


Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico