Sunday School Curriculum for Children's Education

The Protestant Council of Rwanda has asked The Outreach Foundation for help as they strengthen and organize Christian education for that nation’s churches. Given the lack of good training opportunities for Sunday School teachers, and the lack of good curriculum materials, congregations find it difficult to provide effective educational opportunities for children.

In many Rwandan churches, there are more children present than adults, often as many as 150 children in a congregation, and the inability to engage children in learning about the faith weakens the church.

Inspired by curricula used by the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda and the Anglican Church, the Protestant Council is working to develop new resources for the churches. Funds raised through this project were used to print more copies of the second and third books of the new curriculum and for the teachers’ training. They are still looking for funding assistance so they can develop more teaching material, support teachers’ training and distribution of the material, and monitor and evaluate this important program. In 2015, plans are in place for the “Training of Trainers” in all churches across denominations. 

Minimum Goal for 2016

$15,000 for teaching material, teachers' training, distribution of material, monitoring and evaluation of program