Street Children's Ministry in Kigali

The Presbyterian church in Rwanda created this transit center for reintegration of street children, “Centre Presbytérian d’Amour des Jeunes” (CPAJ), in 1998 as the church’s response to alleviating the immediate consequences of the genocide and war that left a multitude of orphaned children in the streets. Children go on the streets now due to poverty, abuse, and family violence.  

In 2013, fifteen street children were reunited with their families after at least a year at the Centre Presbytérian d’Amour des Jeunes for rehabilitation. It is always a joy to see them return to their families. The center continues to help them with their education. There are 103 children enrolled in the boarding high schools across the country. Presently, of the 85 children under CPAJ care who are in primary/elementary school, 37 are residents and the rest are being helped while living with their families/foster parents. In addition, over 70 students are being trained in sewing, hairdressing, design, etc. while others are doing internships with local businesses. 

The center serves these children by providing a shelter and education, a facility for vocational training, recreation, and spiritual activities during their reintegration/reunification process. The center lacks both a place to hold chapel services for the children and a site for recreation. The Outreach Foundation has been requested to help complete the unfinished multipurpose hall that will serve as a chapel, a gathering place for various prayer groups and conferences, and a site for recreational activities such as dramas, movies, and concerts. It will also be available to the public on weekends for events to generate some income for the sustainability of the center.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000 for completion of a multipurpose hall, $10,000 for scholarships and medical assistance



Kigali, Rwanda