Sertão Project

In 1998, The Outreach Foundation and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) joined with the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB) to launch an ambitious program of church planting in the poor, semi-arid part of northeastern Brazil known as the Sertão. Congregations have begun in eight communities. Dozens of cisterns have been constructed.

The Sertão Project has a new direction for the coming years. It has adopted the new strategy of the IPIB’s Department of Evangelism, namely find those with high potential for church planting and send them to the field to plant the church. Two of those high-potential church planters are Missionaries Raimundo and Valdivia Couto. They have successfully started two churches and are now deployed to a new location in the city of Cajazeiras. Their budding congregation in Pombal is now led by their son-in-law and daughter. As other gifted church planters are identified, the IPIB will commission them for the work of new church development in cities they have identified.

Like the other missionaries of the IPIB, the Sertão missionaries receive continuing education a couple of times a year at the Missionary Training Centers of the IPIB. Outreach Foundation missionary, Pezini, regularly teaches courses in these Centers.

Minimum Goal for 2016

 $20,000 for evangelism, leadership development, church planting