Repatriote Ministry Center

The Outreach Foundation’s partner in Haiti is Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) led by Pastor Leon and Jacky Dorleans. Focusing on poor areas in and near Port-au-Prince, HOM serves the people of Cite Soleil, Blanchard, Repatriote, and Ibo Beach. The ministry includes churches, leadership and vocational training, primary schools, secondary school scholarships, medical clinics, and food support.

Haiti is the poorest country in the West with high unemployment, low per capita income, no system of public education (80% of the students rely on organizations such as HOM for their education), no public health system, and poor infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have migrated to the Port-au-Prince area in search of work or education, but the people’s greatest unmet need is spiritual, and the Gospel provides a foundation for their lives and hope for their future. At a time when many are seeking to rebuild Haiti, our focus is building the capacity of our church partners to share and show the love of Jesus Christ.

Our present focus is helping Haiti Outreach Ministries to deepen and expand its ministry at Repatriote, where a church building was toppled by the earthquake. The church has been rebuilt, and the congregation is growing. The primary school is adding classes, and medical teams regularly visit to care for those in the vicinity. And a new HOM high school was dedicated in fall 2015.

Leon and Jacky are wonderful servants who have a passion for training others and for equipping the saints for the work of ministry. It is exciting work, and Haiti Outreach Ministries welcomes teams from your congregation. Contact us for more information about mission team trips.



Minimum Goal for 2016

$25,000 for program support and school scholarships


Port-au-Prince, Haiti


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