Rebuilding Hope in South Sudan

Following a trip to South Sudan with a team from four Presbyterian and Reformed denominations which represented three countries, The Outreach Foundation committed itself to partner with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan in a comprehensive, multi-year commitment to build churches, train leaders, and support the transformation of the people and country through education, peace-building, and community development.

However, civil war broke out in December 2013. Not only has it put a stop to most of the positive efforts of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, but it has also caused unspeakable suffering and has led to a renewal of ethnic rivalry. Now the church is scattered with people in internally displaced persons’ camps, in refugee camps outside of South Sudan, in cities where they had fled the war, and – in some cases – in their original locations, some of which are peaceful and some of which are not. The church is trying to minister in all these contexts, but it is overwhelmed by the needs.

For the immediate future, The Outreach Foundation is responding to requests made during a recent visit to refugee camps in Ethiopia from South Sudanese for Bibles and hymnals. They told us, “We have left our homes, but not our God. We need the hope that comes from the Word of God and from our songs of faith.” 

We hope to provide 10,000 Bibles and hymnals @ $8/Bible and $2/hymnal. Additionally, we seek scholarships for persons to attend the Reconcile Peace Institute @ $5,000/scholarship for a three-month course in peace-building. Finally, we seek funds for emergency relief needs that the UN relief efforts have not been able to provide. 

Minimum Goal for 2016

$100,000: $5,000/person for training in peace-building; $5,000 for emergency relief needs; Bibles and hymnals at $10/set (10,000 sets) 



South Sudan