Philemon Project Preschool

This Christian ministry focuses on the (mostly Muslim) children of low-income immigrant workers and Syrians, providing quality care and an avenue along which Christ may be made known to the children and their parents. It is under the auspices of the National Evangelical Church (a sister-denomination to The Outreach Foundation’s principal partner in Lebanon, the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon). 

The Philemon Preschool Project began operation with a single child – the eight month-old baby boy of an Ethiopian migrant domestic worker who had been raped by her sponsor. It was their story that partly inspired the establishment of the preschool. The only available options in his mother’s price range were illegal, unlicensed daycares where children were tied to their chairs for long periods of the day. Unable to get the pictures of these marginalized children (most two-three years old) out of their minds, a small group of concerned women envisioned an alternative where Christian love and care was the guiding ethos. In late March 2013 renovations began on a building located within the Armenian Old People’s Home in a poor suburb of Beirut, and there are currently 60 students in the program.

Minimum goal for 2016

$8,000 for general operations and supplies



Beirut, Lebanon