Noah Park and Esther Shin



Cairo, Egypt

About Our Partners

Noah Park and Esther Shin, a married couple, serve as professors at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. Noah teaches New Testament, and Esther teaches Christian education. The seminary, a ministry of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt (EPC), is one of a handful of seminaries in Egypt that trains future Protestant pastors. Presbyterian missionaries founded the school, and it graduated its first class in 1863. Its 240 students come from throughout the Arab world to prepare for service in churches in their home countries. While most Egyptians are Muslims, Egypt’s Christian tradition reaches back to the apostolic era. The EPC encompasses eight presbyteries, several programmatic councils, and approximately 300 congregations throughout the cities and villages of Egypt. Noah and Esther appreciate the strategic importance of the Evangelical Seminary in Cairo and the opportunity to equip ministers for service across the Middle East. “The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo is the hub of Christianity in the Arab world for the training and equipping of church leaders,” Noah says. “It is with great joy that we accept the call to live and learn with Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt, sharing what we have graciously received in our lives.”  

The Impact

Noah and Esther spent several years in parish ministry before beginning service. Noah was senior pastor of Palm Springs Korean Presbyterian Church in Cathedral City, California, for eight years, and Esther served as Christian education pastor at Community Presbyterian Church of Cathedral City for five years. Both entered congregational service after completing doctoral degrees and view their call to service and theological education in the context of their vocational pilgrimages. “We were both called to ministry when we were very young,” Esther says. “Through our journey in education and ministry, God has led us to be convinced of our calling to service.”

The Need

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