Palestinian Bible Society

The Palestinian Bible Society is a national office of the UBS (United Bible Societies) with its office in Jerusalem. The work was started in the Holy Land in 1816 and is still going on to this date. The work among the Palestinians was established in 1993 – (Mr. Labib Madanat was appointed as the PBS General Secretary from 1993-2007; Mr. Nashat Filmon became Director in 2008 – Present). It is an inter-confessional Christian Society committed to making the Word of God available to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They have a strong vision for inviting Muslims to trust in and follow Jesus.

The PBS specifically works and partners with all the various Christian churches and denominations and, on the general scale, works with all sectors and areas of the Palestinian community. This UBS office is somewhat unique in its approach as they call the church to its first calling, mission (helping the church to rediscover Jesus’ GO!), encourage the church and seek to serve the society in Christ’s name. They partner with different community development organizations and other Christian relief agencies, having especially strong ties with Open Doors. In addition to their bookshops where they distribute Bibles and Christian materials, they have children’s programs, vocational training projects and leadership development ministries in Bethlehem, Bir Zeit, Jericho, Nablus and Tul Karem. An annual Bible Day event (poster for the event is at right) is the broadest ecumenical gathering of Christians in the territories. PBS recently launched publication of a Greek Orthodox New Testament in Arabic.

A continuing initiative of the PBS, focused especially on Gaza, is providing the Bible on solar-powered MP3 players which also include a re-telling of key Bible stories, contextualized for Palestinian listeners. This is a very relational ministry, and they see that they have an extraordinary opportunity in these days to share the Scriptures and to show the love of Jesus. This year they plan to distribute at least 20,000 Bibles (printed by Amity Press in China).

Minimum Goal for 2016

$25,000 - support of programs