Pakistan Bible Correspondence School

Many Pakistani Muslims are interested in learning about the Bible, but the fear of persecution and other social constraints keep them from entering churches.

For many years, The Outreach Foundation has supported the Pakistan Bible Correspondence School’s creative and effective programs of Bible correspondence classes. These courses were originally started by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) missionaries, John and Dorothy Wilder.

Courses are offered free to Pakistanis, and funds are needed to advertise the classes in local newspapers, print and circulate a monthly follow-up publication to graduates of the program, and print the coursework materials for the students. Of 1,500 students who attend courses every year, more than 1/2 are non-believers. In addition, more than 1,000 prisoners are now studying the Bible through correspondence courses. PBCS has received permission from the government for visits and face-to-face Bible studies with illiterate prisoners. PBCS sees this as a great opportunity to build relationships with prisoners and their families as well, expressing the love of Jesus.


Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000 for Bible correspondence course operating costs