Multimedia Theological Training

Hundreds of underground house churches are mushrooming all over Iran. Though this phenomenal growth is a cause for great joy and celebration, it is also a cause for great concern. Numerical growth, if not combined with depth in knowledge of the word of God and the Christian truth, can and will end in disaster. So there is a great and urgent need for well-trained pastors and teachers. There is a shortage of quality theological education in Farsi available to Iranian church leaders. The internet, IT technology, and satellite TV have created a unique opportunity for making such training available to Iranian Christians both inside and outside Iran.

This project involves the production of an online program of biblical, theological, and ministerial study consisting of 128 credit hours (in the American system or its equivalent) of material in Farsi. The study will be taught by some well-known Iranian pastors, Bible teachers, and theological instructors and will be made available through the internet, satellite TV, flash memories, etc. in a video format. To implement this project, they will collaborate with many groups including networks of underground cells in Iran and Iranian churches in the Diaspora. 

The production of every credit hour of study material consists of about ten hours of instruction in video format and is estimated to cost an average of about $6,000. The goal of $18,000 is to cover the production of three credit hour courses and scholarships.

Minimum goal for 2016

$18,000 for the production of three credit hour courses