John McCall


Taiwan is a small island located 100 miles off the southern coast of China. Christians make up only three percent of the total population. There are thirteen tribes in Taiwan with thirteen different tribal languages. Traditionally, the aboriginal people have occupied the lowest rung on Taiwan’s social-economic ladder. Among the aboriginal people, about 65 percent are Christian.

John McCall was first appointed to serve as a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission co-worker in 1996. After two years of language training, he served the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan in a variety of ministries including working among aboriginal people in southeast Taiwan, teaching at the Taiwan Theological Seminary in Taipei, and working with the Center for Spiritual Formation with young pastors. John also published two books on spiritual formation in Chinese. 

After completing twelve years of mission service in Taiwan in 2008, John returned to the U.S. and served as senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, N.C. In 2011, he returned to the island to work with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan where he teaches Spiritual Theology, Ministry, and Leadership at the three Presbyterian seminaries in Taiwan. He also leads Spiritual Formation/Leadership Development groups of Taiwanese pastors helping them to dream God's dream for their churches, communities, and lives. In his ministry, John is helping to shape the next generation of Taiwanese Christian leaders. Most weekends, John is traveling to aboriginal churches in the high mountains, along the sea coast, and also leads renewal services, retreats, and conferences for all the Presbyterian churches in Taiwan. He recently reported great happenings during a first-time retreat for graduates which also included a prayer for their newly born babies.

Support is needed for John's ministry, and we invite you to hold him in your prayers as he seeks to help strengthen the role of pastors and the church in Taiwanese society and as he leads Taiwanese students to Taize, France to join thousands of others from around the world to pray and study the Bible together.

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