Lovemore Home

Lovemore Home was established in 1998 by the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa to care for children at risk. This ministry is operated in partnership with the Children at Risk Committee of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe, Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa.

Lovemore Home as a residential place closed its doors in February 2015, but the care for the boys continues. One sustainable model to encourage foster parenting and family economic empowerment has been implemented and is going well. Most of the boys have been placed with foster families or other orphanages in Harare for those with no relatives or foster homes. A team from Outreach visited all the boys who are currently in the program to offer them encouragement. Outreach is still committed to paying for their education, and their reports are good. The social welfare department performs follow-ups with those in foster families and does background checks to ensure the children’s safety. 

Nine of the boys are in high school and eight are in elementary school. One boy is redoing his O-level, and one is pursuing a teaching certificate at Solusi University. It is always a joy to see children leave the streets and enroll in  universities and/or apply for positions with big companies after college. It is encouraging to all involved in the work including those who have supported this ministry since its inception.

For all the children, spiritual growth and academic success are encouraged and mental and physical health concerns are addressed. The Presbytery of Zimbabwe appointed a minister for that purpose. The Outreach Foundation will supplement their efforts by adding a social worker to follow up on all the boys where they are placed and help them succeed with their education. Currently funds are needed for economic empowerment, school expenses, follow up on the boys, and to encourage them with their schooling. Your partnership with us in this work is appreciated.

Due to the deterioration of the economy and politics in Zimbabwe the Presbytery of Zimbabwe has appointed a transitional committee to come up with a more sustainable plan to meet the needs of vulnerable children. The Outreach Foundation is exploring partnering with experts who focus on foster families and economic empowerment of these families.


Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000: $7,000 – education and $3,000 – family economic development