Gujranwala Theological Seminary

Presbyterian mission work in what is now Pakistan began in the mid-1850s. Our partner in that country is the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, a church with nearly 400,000 members and over 300 congregations. 

The political and religious context of Pakistan makes being a Christian at times very difficult. Ordinary evangelism may seem out of the question in such a Muslim country. However, the Gujranwala Theological Seminary is committed to training pastors with a heart for outreach. 

The seminary was established in Sialkot in 1877 as an institution of the Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of North America. It was in 1912 that it moved to its present location in Gujranwala. Gujranwala Theological Seminary exists to instruct candidates for Christian ministry in Biblical Studies, to prepare them for service in the Christian church, and generally provide training in Christian character and mission. Today the seminary serves the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, the Church of Pakistan, and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Members of other churches also come for training. The teaching of the seminary is in accordance with scriptural and creedal principles recognized as evangelical and in accordance with Reformed Theology. There are currently 60 students.

The Outreach Foundation is committed to support Gujranwala Seminary as it seeks to upgrade its facilities and improve its curriculum.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000 for building renovations, program course development, and operations



Gujranwala, Pakistan