Global Mission of the Evangelical Church in Egypt

The Agape Arabic Christian Center (“Agape”) is an evangelistic ministry to Arabic-speaking people located in London. Through book sales and one-on-one ministry, it reaches out to Arabic-speaking immigrants living in London who number more than 200,000. Its director is the Rev. Wagih Abedmasih, a missionary from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt.

The Rev. Wagih is a visionary for outreach. The center organizes outreach events each summer for the tens of thousands of Muslim visitors from the Middle East and South Asia who visit London on holiday. But since the war in Syria and Iraq, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of refugees, the Rev. Wagih has worked with Egyptian churches in Egypt on a combined mission to some of the refugees in northwestern Iraq.

The Outreach Foundation has partnered with Agape and their Egyptian partners to build bakeries to produce bread for thousands of these immigrants. We are grateful for our dozen years of partnership with Agape.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$20,000 for Agape's ministry in London and among refugees in northern Iraq



London, UK