Girls’ Rescue Centers


Girls’ Rescue Centers provide security and education for girls who otherwise might be forced into early marriages and circumcision. The girls may be as young as nine years old, but most are between the ages of thirteen and fifteen. 

Rescue centers are located in the following areas with approximate number of rescued girls at this time noted:

  • Kimuka Girls’ High School - 10 girls
  • Oloshoboro Primary School - Beloved Daughters Rescue Center - 30 girls
  • Letoire Grace Girls’ High School - Rescue Center - 5 girls
  • Mama Esther's Girls’ Primary School - Rescue Center-5 girls
  • Ganze Girls’ Primary School - Rescue Center - 5 girls

Stu Ross, The Outreach Foundation’s East Africa mission staff, works with civil authorities and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) on this ministry. All of the rescue centers are connected to a PCEA boarding school.

The most critical need of this project is scholarship money to pay for the girls’ boarding and education.

Minimum goal for 2016

$10,000 – 20 girls at $500 each