Forman Christian College

After 31 years under government control, Forman Christian College (FCC) was restored and placed once again in the hands of a Christian board and president. 

Under the motto, “By Love Serve One Another,” Forman has grown and blossomed since its return by the government of Pakistan. It has a vital student Christian group, a chaplain, and professors who are not ashamed of the Gospel. In a day when so many in Pakistan are becoming radicalized in terms of their religion, it is a major task of God’s people at Forman Christian College to educate both Muslim and Christian students in an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect. 
Dr. Christy Munir, Vice Principal of Forman Christian College, writes, "We are a mission college, and we must set an example of values. We must produce new generations of Christian pastors and strengthen the Church in our country. Christians in Pakistan do not have the opportunity for an excellent education except at Forman Christian College. Pakistani Christians are poor people. We offer them education and hope here at the College." 

The Rev. Jim Tebbe, son of Presbyterian missionaries to Pakistan and former vice-president of missions for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is currently the president of FCC. 

Minimum Goal for 2016

$27,500 for support of chaplaincy and student scholarships




Lahore, Pakistan