Davydovo Outreach to Children

Father Vladimir Klimzo leads this small but dynamic Russian Orthodox community. After moving to Davydovo, he saw the impact of  alcoholism on the families and the children in the little village 125 miles north of Moscow. With deep faith and extraordinary commitment, the ministries of the church now include a kindergarten, nursery school and an old residence where boys who do not have parents to care for them live with loving care. With recent gifts from Outreach supporters, this residence is being reconstructed!

Each summer in the countryside around the village, a dedicated church community brings youths and families together in an extraordinary camp for special needs children and their families. 2015 marked the tenth year! It is a program that shares and shows the love of Jesus Christ. 

To receive and serve these "special families" for the glory of God, the campers, parents (usually mothers) and volunteers are organized into a “town” of 15 cabin trailers and several tents. There are bathroom and shower   facilities, washing machines and a small medical office. Last year, more than 100 were present at the same time, including more than 20 special families. The children and their parents are richly blessed by the experience of community that they find in Davydovo, something that often is lacking at home. Participants pitch in with chores, join in camp activities, and share in worship each morning and evening. There are games, crafts, hikes, dramas and music, therapy with dogs and horses, and undergirding it all is the community’s daily worship.

The community has also restored an old Soviet kolhoz (collective farm) to operate a farm and dairy that provides support for the congregation’s ministries and jobs for individuals in need, including some who have found their way to Davydovo through a homeless ministry in Moscow. Father Vladimir is also exploring vocational ministries that would serve special needs adults who lack opportunities for meaningful work. The Lord is at work in Davydovo in beautiful ways!

Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000 for support of the summer camps and ongoing ministry



Davydovo, Russia