Compassion Ministries

Korea has been a true success story of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s global mission efforts. Yet since 1945, Koreans in the northern part of the peninsula have been separated from family and friends in the south. The church in the north is but a shadow of  its former days when the capital of the north, Pyongyang, was called the “Jerusalem of East Asia.”

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Presbyterian Church of Korea have continued a witness to North Korea by programs of feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, and ministering to persons with disabilities. 

Since 2001 Sue and Art Kinsler have been engaged in ministries of compassion in North Korea such as helping young children and providing training and vocational opportunities for people with various disabilities. Children in five orphanages and other day care centers and primary schools have their diets enriched with soy milk and bread. Eleven schools with dormitories for teenagers with impaired hearing or vision are supplied with food, equipment, and supplies. 

The Kinslers are now retired as mission co-workers but will continue feeding children and supporting disabled persons through their U.S. Greentree Foundation. Sue will keep visiting the North as the human link which holds things together with the help of Korean partners.

Minimum goal for 2016

$20,000 for feeding children and supporting disabled persons



North Korea