Center for Mission, Evangelism, and Christian Education

Founded in 1957, the camp and conference center of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba serves hundreds of children, youth, and adults every year. The summer program, alone, runs for nine weeks with 120 campers at a time! Located in the Central Presbytery and close to the city of Santa Clara, it is known officially as Campamento Nacional de las Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada but is more familiarly referred to by its acronym, CANIP. Sitting on 35 acres of rolling pastureland, there are plans in place for orchards and vegetable gardens which can supply produce to the camp. In addition, corrals are being built for poultry, goats, and pigs—the latter will supply waste to fuel a small bio-gas plant for power to the kitchen.

Run down facilities, especially the 40 year-old dorms, are badly in need of replacement in order to better serve the Presbyterians of Cuba and make the camp attractive for outside groups to rent (this would supply much-needed income for running the camp). One new 30-person dorm has been built but a second one is needed, as well as a designated chapel that can seat 200. Most urgently needed is a complete overhaul of the kitchen and dining facilities, especially to serve the continual “wave” of children who come, 120 at a time, for every week of the summer. Because of the temperate climate in the center of the island, weekend retreats will be popular once the accommodations are more comfortable for adults.

Minimum Goal for 2016

 $25,000 for renovation of the camp




 Santa Clara, Cuba